About Us

Go back with us to a magical time - a time when your biggest decision was which princess you would be or what to name your unicorn. When you ran on nothing but sunshine and gummy bears. A time where the height of sophistication was teddy bear tea parties and how high you could raise your pinky. To giggles and twirling and love. Go back to childhood.

Little Silver Swan began with two sisters many years ago in the heart of Mississippi. Having been raised in a tight-knit family, two little girls blossomed under the adoring gaze of their beloved grandmothers. 

Grandmother Cassie was an incredible cook and many a Saturday was spent parading outfit after outfit into the kitchen for her approval as she prepared meals for the family. Grandmother Frances was a talented seamstress and many of the amazing dresses she created for the girls and their dolls have now been passed down to the next generation - and those little girls have grown up. 

Kimberly and Lauren, holding those little girls in their heart, created Little Silver Swan to share their love of children’s clothing reminiscent of the joy and sweetness of their own youth. 

Having both been blessed with two little girls of their own there is nothing the sisters enjoy more than dressing up their daughters in timeless classics that recall their most cherished memories: the magical time of childhood.